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  • ajcee ajcee Jun 23, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Marxe & Greenhouse a/k/a the Marx Brothers!

    The Bros.had 1,615MM shrs. prior to the offering of the 3,518MM which made them 10% insiders. We don't know the history of the 1,615MM shares, but can only assume they remain in tact allowing them to gain insider status after the offering was closed.

    Immediately after gaining the offering shares in 6/12, they sold their shares as follows:

    date shares sold price day's volume day's close

    6/13 50,000 1.97 1,261,800 1.86
    6/14 27,401 1.93 566,000 1.95
    6/17 34,000 1.95 298,300 1.95
    6/18 44,421 1.85 375,800 1.90
    6/19 150,000 1.72 504,600 1.84

    Although I remain wary, based on their history, it appears they are anxious to sell their shares with rapidity, making profits while they can, and enjoying the git of their warrants at 2.04. If the markets change direction, there is a good chance we may see the Bros. make a quick exit. If however, the PPS remains in a range of the offering price, we can expect the comics to revert to their usual destructive practice.

    Sentiment: Hold