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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Jun 28, 2013 4:16 PM Flag



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    • And we are very interested to hear these thoughts and observations. Looking forward to it.

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      • just finished cocktails. off topic g zimmerman imo walks, DA way over charged. 2nd degree murder. When she first charged it i said whoa.
        jjohnboy. like your posts. i had no idea this thing did a r/s 1-60 and we we very close to another one. Ravi was buying after the r/s so besides the cheap options he has alot of skin in the game which he bt in the open mkt.
        olay lets go.Did u catch those huge trades at days end. wow, imo a fund(doubt it was marxe)was selling big time at the last second of the q endThose ecty shares will not be on their next 13f filing ....A strange event. The last few marxe sales were announced ah.Todays announcement came out ten minutes early. How much of that caused the big trades that happened in last few minutes? who knows.?Monday is first day of new q and first day ecty is in the russell index.very interesting.Good news is that with all that shares sale they got buyers to take it at 1.551.57 area. Lets discuss marxe. Looks like as reported on this mb they picket up like 2 of the 5 million share offering. Now they sold tues and wednes and maybe some yesterday. Were all those shares that went off yesterday between 1.70 and 1.73 just the mms making their few cents on the marxe 74k sale.?Unless they report monday marxe was all at 1.68..Maybe thats why it got taken down t 1.60 yesterday..Folks that 1.60 pps offer is still haunting us short term.Now lets say marxe got 2 million offering shares. Thats alot of warrants they have at 2.04 for 5 years.They stand to make a ton of money on those.