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  • m.wacker Jul 1, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Where are we with Ecotality today?


    In the dark cellar, of course!
    So great may not have been the capital increase, the large shareholders more shares were forced to buy from them really wanted. are now selling for the shares, there was no taker. also no new partnerships have been received or been reported large orders. The russell microcap index will not help ECOtality. it can only be thrown further shares on the market.

    no new partnerships
    large shareholders to sell shares
    upward trend stopped and triggered selling signal.

    Who is waiting for the big message is to continue to believe in santa claus. the great would not sell if that would be present. the stock will quickly come to the $ 1 mark again. dreams of further courses 3-5 dollars by the end of the year........

    Today there will be a big Sale of dropping the price down to $ 1.20.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Not true on the partnerships.

      June 27th - IKEA expands partnership with ECTY by adding more charging stations.
      June 19th - Blink and NovaCharge announce a dealer partnership.
      June 10th - Vestar installs ECTY charging stations.

      Three good PR partnerships in a months time. ECTY is moving forward no matter what the stock price is. You may be right on it going lower. It's ECTY. Anything can happen. Remember the days of the wild .25-.30 price swings, day after day. I'm sure you made a lot of money on that. And I'm sure you'll make a lot of money by buying into ECTY when it gets lower, right before it rebounds. I'm confident that it will rebound because Ravi is doing so much right. He's just hampered short term by a discounted offer and a major shareholder reducing their position. Make it through this and we're golden.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy