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  • brian20101963 brian20101963 Jul 3, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    If by some miracle this sees $1.60 again, I'm out.

    Thank You so much Ravi for hanging the yoke of a Wall Street cockroach like Marxe and Greenhouse around our neck here...remember us, the loyal retail investors? didn't think so.

    As unfortunate as the truth might be, Mr. Wacko-Job might be right about his $1.25 prognosis. We be just about correspond to the 20% dilution caused by the cockroach shares and the intermediate low obtained several weeks back when (probably the same cockroaches) sold off ECTY into oversold territory in an ugly 5 or 6 day blitz. In other words: $1.51/1.2= 1.26. this is where we are going, at least, even if the cockroach holds, since the entire markets know that Marxe will sell at a trifle above $1.60 come h_ll or high water. Who knows, looking at their record of 10:1 sales to buy ratio over the past 2 years, they'll probably work this one all the way down on their own, play both sides of the game, and wind up paying a buck at share when it's most convenient for them, and most inconvenient to retail investor "bagholders". Again, thanks so much, Ravi.

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