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  • ajcee ajcee Jul 20, 2013 8:10 AM Flag

    Q2 earnings only 3 weeks before release!

    We have moved up from a low of 1.41 to a high of 1.59,closing at 1.56 in just 4 days. This has occurred despite some red market days, showing a strong upward trend which hopefully will continue to 8/12. If you have any dry powder, press the buy trigger now before the anticipated explosive volume and soaring PPS leaves you behind.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I agree ajcee, that's why I bought more Friday ..That banging you hear over @ your house is not someone's hammer, it my head hitting the wall for not buying up more shares in the 1.30s .............

      • 1 Reply to grleroy
      • grleroy. Stop monday morning quarterbacking yourself.Keep your focus on the present and future not on the past.When i saw 1.50 a few weeks after the offering I thought like others on this mb it cant go much lower. Using the words cant,wont, will,no way, guaranty are foolish words in this game. imo its about among other things, risk/reward,, odds and risk tolerance.Of course FEAR and GREED also come into play.Keep your battery charged and some powder dry