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  • ajcee ajcee Jul 30, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    Just my guess...

    The timing of the S-3 filing just 2 weeks before the Q2 rather that afterward, I believe is done with forethought. Taking into consideration that we have just undergone an offering that negatively impacted the share price, the filing of a much larger offering possibility can have a deleterious effect on the PPS. This would definitely be the case if the E.R and CC prove disappointing. However, and this is just my guess, with management having knowledge of a report that will make us a profitable ,or near profitable concern. investor confidence will soar along with the share price and a positive view and trust that management will wisely control the offerings. I pluralize "offerings" as I strongly believe they will not brashly utilize a singular large offering as the majority will be retained on the shelf to avoid a poison pill takeover

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    • When the private offering came out @ 1.60, ECTY stayed up in the 1.80s for the next few weeks after that ..I was scratching my head over it ...It finally did fall a month later under 1.60 ...
      ECTY is by far the hardest stock to trade .. Its like a black sheep... It does not follow the other white sheep on the NASDAQ ...
      Look for a profit in Nov. based on the new pricing structure of using a public charger ..

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      • bud. It had no business staying up there. Marxe was scratching his head also when he was able to sell 1.60 shares with 2.04 five yr warrants for 1.95 after the offering.I told you many times it does not generally follow the market. Looks like u and aj finally believe me. The object is to try to take the luck out of it as much as possible but with ecty its luck,luck and more luck to trade this thing profitably, and a bit of kahones.are needed

    • ponline Jul 30, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

      ... defending hostile take-over?

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