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  • brian20101963 brian20101963 Aug 2, 2013 12:36 AM Flag

    Marxe Reality setting in yet?

    This stock has been in the dog house since Ravi made a deal he never should have made.
    I hope this is finally clear to everybody now.
    Marxe has sold $-wise ten times as much as they have bought (over the past 18 months)
    I wouldn't doubt they are the ones behind the selling, except that you'll never know-- for pennies they can exchange stock bought at $1.60/share for much lower...
    I told you they would drop this to $1.25 ($.1,60/share pre-Marxe).
    If there are bad numbers week after next, Marxe could take the proceeds from over 500,000 shares sold to buy nearly a million shares at about a buck a piece.

    That is what Ravi got us into. Stop making him into a hero-- in my opinion, his deal screwed us over.

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    • Im watching Marxe trades ...From what I can see he has not sold any since 1.652 ..You need to remember that he runs a multi million dollar maybe close to a billion dollar company and ECTY is just one of his little eggs that he hopes to hatch full of cash ..