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  • guyinvestor guyinvestor Aug 16, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    An Expensive lesson for this guy

    As humans we are constantly growing and each day we learn new things about ourselves and the world. This was an expensive lesson for me when it comes to investing in companies that borrow money from the DOE and also when researching a company to do more research around the company that you won't find in the reports that the company puts out. ECOtality put a spin to make it sound as though they were doing better than they actually were doing and I bought into it. EVERYONE putting in money into this company right now. This is a pure gamble at this point. If they go bankrupt they go to zero. If they stay alive, it is most likely all of their chargers will have to be brought up to date. Where would it be to someones benefit to buy a company just to have to spend the money to get rid of their chargers and put up new ones and deal with the debt that they owe to the DOE. It's risky being a buyer at this point. Not only that, but it's a long ways away before they start making money on chargers. It's better to stick on the sideline IMO. I am a better investor because of this lesson. I hope everyone the best and am just sharing my own personal experience. My bet is they go bankrupt, but anything could happen and you could get lucky, but is a 100 or 200 percent gain worth a very good chance of a 100 percent loss. There is a reason 4 different lawsuits have been filed against this company. GLTA