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  • xxlzrdkngxx xxlzrdkngxx Aug 21, 2013 8:03 AM Flag

    What exactly is the point of suing?

    Only $cum that will benefit from suits are low life,ambulance chasing lawyers. I can't wait to get my .38 cent check!! Why can't someone eliminate lawyers on their next shooting spree or corrupt politicians?!?!

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    • Shame on you! Don't you realize it is unAmerican to deprive attorneys from making a living? It is also anti-American to purchase EVs and deprive coal and oil producers from their meager earnings. So they create more CO2 in the atmosphere, but to paraphrase the brilliant Michele Bachmann,,"CO2 is a natural product and therefore is harmless. The scientific findings are a hoax!"

      Greed and corruption are overtaking our nation, putting us on a fast to path to self-destruction, led by the members of a do-nothing Congress!