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  • guyinvestor guyinvestor Aug 28, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

    This stock has been interesting for some time now and continuous its dynamic ways. So the question is, what kind of value is in this stock? People are talking about maybe the DOE continues funding but what does that mean? Wasn't the EV project about to come to an end anyways? We thought ecty was successfully diversifying itself away from the DOE, but obviously it hasn't been. I want to continue to be invested in the ev infrastructure, but just can't at the moment, unless maybe there is a buyout, or ecty goes bankrupt and then more capable hands take over their chargers and bring them up to date. Either way, I would like to see the blink network put into hands of someone that isn't going to need to be dependent on the DOE and isn't going to be fighting off bankruptcy for who knows how long. I will continue to watch for now until actual news to my liking comes out and reevaluate from there. Good luck all.

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    • The rollout is extremely costly, only deep pockets could maintain without gov't assistance. The problem is, the deep pockets want big gas auto and fossil fuel to continue. Only the gov't has the money and the balls to forge this initiative. A private company runs the risk of getting raked over the coals by those who stand to lose their grip when EV popularity takes off. The list of beneficiaries from the EV project's failure is long, wealthy and powerful.

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      • It will be interesting to see what happens from here for sure jh. I just wish ecty had some of its own pockets because there wouldn't have been any talk of bankruptcy, but there is the risk you take with a start up company when trying to get in at the bottom of a new era. All it takes is one day of the wrong news, and the .15 to .28 gain turns into a 100% loss. I hope not though. Enough of us have lost enough money in this stock already.