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  • markkreciak markkreciak Aug 28, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    can you still sue if you

    sold in the last two weeks and the price goes to $5, or are you just stupid

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    • Stupid may be harsh, but gullible yes. Just remember the source for all of these articles. The media. Who we all know can't be trusted. Melting plugs was turned into a big story, but the company never mentioned it. Why? Perhaps it was such a minor issue or they were already cheay fixing the problem. When Ford initiates a recall for a minor fix, do you hear about it? Most likely not unless you own the faulty product. Does everyone see where I'm going with this? Outside of the "temporary" DOE fund halting, what else of true significance has occurred? One thing.....amateur hour over-reacting by shorty shareholders who think that going long means riding two increases in one day. I'm done for now. Hold your applause until the resurrection has been fulfilled. Amen.

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