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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Aug 29, 2013 9:00 PM Flag


    volume like day after black Monday but today the pps went in opposite direction.Hmm Campbells appears fairly early in day.One might believe tim tims post may have merit.Why imo no bk1.Fairly long time from black Monday till now.2.Infrastructure has to be worth something to a few acquirers .3. Our technologies may also have value.4.Melting plugs may have just been a throw in on kitchen sink day and not a major issue.
    still do not think we survive as continuing op with same mgmt.It smells like more of a buyout/takeover situation.If one thinks like I do marxe and other large holders bailed soon after black Monday.Marxe sold a bunch on black Monday., then the prior two days could account for the runup after the selling was done BUT NOT WHAT HAPPENED TODAY.imo way too much volume for short covering .A large squeeze would only probably happen after a pr or 8k which there was not one.I still doubt the doe would act this quickly changing their mind.BUT ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED WHATEVER IT MAY BE.Good luck prelongs.We need it The balance sheet still sucks without the does receivables being good, but the 8mil offering did by ravi some time.

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    • What's going to happen next CPA? I can't take it. 8k comes out and destroys the stock, then it goes up around 150% from the low in about 3 days on zero news? The only thing that would be unexpected with this stock at this point is it stays at around .40 cents for a month straight lol One thing I can say with almost 100% certainty is that something will change. The only ones that have any idea of what will happen are on the inside, but basic fact ECOtality can't do it on its own.