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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Aug 30, 2013 4:20 PM Flag


    What makes this long game so hard IS. Yesterday huge up day high 48c close 39c. Today huge down day high 44c low 26c close 27c. Get the pic. On a huge up day we close nowhere near the high and on the reverse day we close just off of the low.Markie mark, why on a sunny day are YOU out and doing your pump thing and on a rainy day you are mia?.And Jh We were wrong once again. Do not buy that retirement home yet.You may be living in a trailer park if ecty announces bk between now and tuesdays open. OH i forgot campbells soup told the mb NO BK.

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    • I'm not surprised with this Friday action because alot of day and swing traders don't want to hold over the weekend. I would take some profits and close my position too if it was money I couldn't lose and need the money to trade next week. ECTY increased 63.63% this week so I'm pretty content with that. The 27 cents sucks but it sure beats the 16.5 cents opening price on Monday!

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    • saltwaternurse Aug 30, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

      I don't think any of us that stayed in the game (for the only reason that we didn't have time to get out quickly enough) are boasting that we really believe we will reign triumphant somehow. I, for one, have already explained my rationale for not selling my stake for pennies on the dollar - I was in at $1.88 and the pittance I could have sold for would have personally hurt more than waiting to see if something incredible happened - even if that eventual something turns out to be ZERO money back. After all, I'm a Surgical Nurse, and all bleeding stops eventually. A few posts ago, I also freely admitted that today, I added to my position. In for a penny, in for a pound. I'm not convinced ECTY is circling the drain yet and it's my money to lose, but should something good happen, it's also my money to gain for taking the risk. I'm without ego, just stating my case and I don't sneer at anyone who bailed and would hope that they don't sneer at me for keeping skin in the game.

    • Can't read too much into it. Fridays are always trend buckers, especially on a holiday weekend.