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  • grleroy grleroy Aug 30, 2013 7:18 PM Flag

    This is a true poker play for both the company (ECTY) and the players (investors)

    I believe that ECTY is @ the poker table with the DEA ...This is not a BK solar company where once its gone no one will miss it .. The chargers are here to stay ,both garage and public chargers and both ECTY and the DEA realize it ..
    If Ecotality and the DEA were to fail to come to terms to additional funds for the company and a buyer were not found then the DEA would have to take it over ...
    I would expect some kind of reorganization with ECTY and the DEA may decide who gets fired and replaced ..

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    • saltwaternurse Aug 30, 2013 8:12 PM Flag

      I think there's been some posturing and blame assigning during this unfortunate mess. The Dept of Energy acknowledges that in the pursuit and development of the charger based alternative energy market, there will undoubtedly be some casualties along the way to the goal, implying that ECTY is cannon fodder of sorts. ECTY on the other hand, seems to have bitten more off than they could chew and maybe between poor resource management of the Ops team and the price point on a charger that had undisclosed design faults, they really could not afford to grow the company even WITH the DOE's funding help. Point is, I doubt that the DOE will be happy to let the funds already awarded just slip away particularly with the market share that ECTY held with Blink. I may be well off base, but in order for them to salvage the monies they have already awarded, it would make more sense to encourage another entity to step in with generous terms and funding options rather than start from scratch elsewhere. I agree with you that part of the recovery plan should include some control over the fate of the existing players at ECTY so this very situation will not continue. We can hope.