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  • brian20101963 brian20101963 Sep 1, 2013 12:03 AM Flag

    Maybe retail investors should organize and buy out ECTY?

    100 investors at 10K each should just about do it--controlling share would be less.
    Then run it as a non-profit with retired engineers and fresh spankin new engineering graduates that have missed out on new job prospects. Sure beats hangin' round the house or flippin burgers. I gladly declare that I would be willing to be one of the investors and would give at least 10 hrs my time every month to help out in engineering. Likewise, wouldn't it be just a magnanimous thing if you could get licensed technicians to denote their time to be trained on how to switch out handles?..... I wonder if ASU (Arizona State University) would be game?

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    • #$%$ are you talking about? Most of us here are waiting on a capitalistic miracle, while you're telling some utopian communist fairytale.

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      • So let's see Mr France-- you would rather hope that some benevolent soul would throw away another oh, 50 million dollars to expunge ECTY's existing debt and exchange it's faulty handles? Pray tell, what does this "capitalistic miracle" look like? something like a jackolope, maybe? Sorry, the only one living a fairytale is you, and if if you think the DOE/Obama is too "ashamed" to let this thing do the twirl around the toilet, you just look at A123 and Solyndra. Heck, look at what happened to the "public option" on healthcare, and anybody with a brain would realize that nobody at US Government would care a rat's #@$ about what bankruptcy would "look like" for ECTY. That's the problem with all you Ayn Rand types-- you believe your own PR and let's face it--those heros of capitalism would be much more acting in their own interest if they let ECTY go bankrupt rather than save it. Just a dose of reality, there, Mr. France--and I'd much rather put my money on the willingness of people with vision and genuine passion for the technology than some pack of self-aggrandizing, Calvanist blowhards that posture to be in love with the company and technology, but would sell it for a nickel a share more if they could get it. Oh by the way, call me what you like-- but by your own words you call yourself an idiot.

      • jh. Do not think it was a serious post kind of a just saying one