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  • saltwaternurse Sep 4, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    In Pursuit of Guidance...

    I called for Kathy Price who is listed on the Ecotality website as the contact for Investor Relations at Piacente Group and once I told them I was an ECTY Investor, was advised she was unavailable...I explained my frustration with the situation and they said they have no updates and are in the same boat regarding ECTY. I then called HQ in San Francisco and got a recording that gives a number for Charger Support and then the option to leave a message with the promise that a return call will be prompt. Feeling like I was wasting my time even leaving a message, I call the R&D site in Phoenix and spoke with a woman and again explained the dilemma we the Investors, ALSO Customers, find ourselves in. I mentioned that one of us went by there on Friday only to find the gates locked and she said she was unaware as she had been on vacation and maybe everyone went home early that day. I told her the HQ number dead-ends into voicemail only and asked her whether the HQ is still even operational. She said it was but that she only communicates by email, therefore had no knowledge about the main phone number and advised me to leave a message. I said that as Investors, we are being bombarded with solicitations to join class action suites and several of us had not yet exercised that option, however, we would appreciate ANY communication. Even if it amounted to just "There is no new news and we are still working on it." I called HQ again and this time left a voicemail asking for a return call...shall let you know if I hear anything and if so, what they say...

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    • Salty thanks for making the calls ... Its just my own personnel opinion ...It all comes down to the DOE in rather or not ECTY sinks or swims ..

    • 1. I appreciate they you called, Saltwater nurse. That's awfully nice of you to report back to us message board plebes.
      2. You can't get through to anyone at Google over the phone either. Just try.
      3. If they're actually filing bankruptcy, you'll know because they'll retain a lawfirm for that purpose, And the stock will fall below 10 cents a share.
      4. ECTY's employees themselves don't know whether they'll end up in BK. They don't know whether or not they'll find financing.
      5. I am accumulating more ECTY shares below .20 cents, this is a short a five or ten bagger IMHO.

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      • saltwaternurse Sep 4, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

        Those of us that didn't bail for whatever reason(s) when this broke are all in the same boat. For my part, I'd already racked up a nice loss at that point and in a moment of madness, added to my position which at the time, "felt right". (and yeah, it'll be either a smack to my forehead or a jump in the air, but time will tell which one!) I appreciate your feedback as I'm sure I'm not alone in doubting my wisdom on this one and bouncing ideas off each other and sharing information gives us something to do while we wait for the laundry to finish. You're right about the employees, I'm sure even though they're down to a skeleton crew, only a slack handful know anything and wouldn't dare share anything pertinent. My main goal today was just to establish whether the whole place was shut down or not. That seems not to be the case, but whether that will mean anything positive remains a mystery. Thank you for your feedback and thoughts, it certainly helps me process in anticipation for my next move.

      • Sorry, I meant: 5. this is a SHOT at a 5 or 10 bagger, IMHO

    • Thanks for trying! Investors deserve to know what is going on/what they are investing in and shouldn't be left in the dark.

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      • saltwaternurse Sep 4, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

        Agreed and I'm calling on behalf of ALL of us - it's unconscionable that after being what is tantamount to "duped" by what appears to be lies of omission, they continue to treat their Investors so poorly. I reminded them, we are nameless, faceless people, but we are ALSO customers and without us, they would never have made it as far as they did. I asked that the Investor PR lady be made aware of our dissatisfaction with the level of communication and given that it is HER job to communicate with us, the little people - she should put pressure on ECTY to permit the release of some sort of update.