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  • rankxx rankxx Sep 6, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    This has been asked before but...

    Is no news good news at this point? I mean wouldn't they be BK by now if it were to happen... I'm not familiar with the delays of such a process.

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    • saltwaternurse Sep 6, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

      Yo no se...I wanted to cling onto that thought as justification for hanging in...on the face of it - yeah, why drag this out if there's no possibility of a successful coding of this patient? But here's what we know. They've let the Investor Relations firm go (or the other way round), I've left two voicemails at HQ and haven't received a return call, ajcee stated that when he tried the fax number, it's been disconnected...and we've heard nothing but a bizarre callback regarding an earnings statement and CC slated for Monday 9/9 but no PR to announce this. All sounds pretty dire. But...BUT...the optimist in me (crazy delusional thing that she is) says there could well be details they are feverishly trying to hammer out and will keep fighting behind the scenes until they know it's either a Go, or Most Sincerely Dead. I didn't call the DOE today because I'm getting myself too wound up on this and frankly, I needed a breather. The whole thing has been fairly wackerdoodle as far as I can see - I continue to let it play out because I still can't bring myself to skulk away with pennies on the dollar and so have decided to just let the cards fall where they will - Existence will take care of it and I'm foolish to think I can make a dent in it...Not sure where Pagan's getting his info and whether it's got any credence, but all will be revealed, I'm sure and soon - they can't keep this game of hide and seek up too much longer I wouldn't think. Let's see if Monday brings any news...

    • Back from the beach...
      There will be no BK.
      CCGI will make an offer.