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  • ajcee ajcee Sep 8, 2013 6:52 PM Flag

    24 hour count down!

    At this time tomorrow we might have a better perception as to where we stand. Most of us were under the impression that the 2nd quarter will bring us close to being profitable and blue skies are ahead, instead the ER was delayed and it is questionable as to whether they will actually report tomorrow morning or after the market closes.Then we learned that we were being misled and in actuality, the #$%$ was hitting the fan and cast in all directions.

    More important than an earnings report, which at this time is meaningless, is the presentation of a CC, if Ravi has the guts to face investors after all the lies and dodging we were bombarded with.Many of us are at the cliff's edge, clinging with sweaty hands and hoping for a miracle. Tomorrow we should gain some awareness, if they have some hopeful news, there will be a C C . If they are truant again, then we will know what the writing is on the blackboard.

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    • saltwaternurse Sep 9, 2013 7:43 AM Flag

      Morning AJ,
      I managed to stay away from this over the weekend and coming back fresh into it again this morning, I have to tell you while I wish I believed that we will get the info we're seeking, I'm not holding my breath. I would love to have closure on this, one way or the other as this informational blackout is a maddening place to be, but I'm very wary of setting any expectations. Course, this whole ride has been a bumpy one, with lies of omission, delay tactics and unexplained share price spikes even after Black Monday - anything could happen. We shall see - we're four weeks into this, odds are that something will be broadcast sometime this week - even if it's only that ECTY has officially died. Hanging in there with you for a bit longer!

    • Aj.I would be surprised if they did do earnings tomm.