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  • saltwaternurse Sep 9, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Isn't this like when the ATC Tower has lost contact with the plane?

    And the news teams are live at the airport and they keep focusing on the Arrivals board which is seemingly stuck on "Delayed" until they locate the wreckage? Meanwhile, back at the brokerage, I'm looking to see how much I can leave with today vs. how much I will be leaving on the table in the unlikely event the plane, has in fact, made a successful emergency landing somewhere remote. It's such a dilemma.

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    • Ya, sorta. In my case I'm already #$%$ like I lost it all, so if they go BK I was already there plus selling at this much of a loss wouldn't make me happy in the least. If I sold now and they made it out alive I'd never live it down so knowing myself I have no other choice but to hold, so to reiterate, the only way I could feel any lower about this situation would be for me to sell and watch them bounce back... they got my b*lls in a vice aha, "/$"$4!"/$!"/%