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  • ajcee ajcee Sep 9, 2013 6:34 PM Flag

    Blast-off aborted!

    It has been discovered that the astronaut pilot is an imposter with no true credentials and incapable of space flight, his only experience is12 hours flying a piper cub. It is alleged that he was chosen for this mission by a high ranking official in NASA who is his cousin..He was very popular with his crew members who stated he always wore a smile and has a terrific memory for jokes, but they started to have doubts about his capabilities as the count down progressed, noting that his complexion paled further with each approaching count. As the countdown neared blast-off, a crew member radioed that all systems were "go", but later admitted she lied. As Jackie Gleason often said,"To the moon,Alice!":

    The above does not reflect my mood. My anger is overwhelming, but I am trying to maintain my sanity with a chuckle.

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    • saltwaternurse Sep 9, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

      Ohhhh AJ...I understand. We all got so tweaky last week that certain a salty captain was allegedly hunting down, I mean "calling" Head Offices and PR companies like she had her own Private Eye badge at the ready. And today - the Troll Baby that came through to inform us that GREAT NEWS would be forthcoming after hours...well, he (assuming it's a he) is another warped individual sent to try us. We really need a "Seek and Destroy" button on the Board so we can blast these critters off the map like in a good game of Space Invaders (yeah, showing my age, deal with it!) I think there was a part of all of us that wanted to believe that what the Lady (and I use that term loosely) told you would be bank worthy - but it seems that we are destined to assume the Cliff Hanger position for a bit longer. Considering the other positions that are available, I guess cliff hanging isn't all that tell your heart to relax and try to blow it off before you pop a fuse. Thanks for the laugh, you're pretty funny when incited! :)

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      • ou're right cap'n. Last week was an intense sleuthing attempt that left us clueless. Your mention of resorting to the Magic Eight Ball sounded feasible. At lunch time Friday, I set my target to find a Target at a nearby mall, but they were sold-out of eight balls, so I trekked out to a new Chinese take-out at the far end of the mall and ordered Moo Goo Gai Pan which I carried to one of the four tables. I chose the one next to the artificial bamboo plant with a red ribbon that said "Good Luck." The Moo Goo was greasy and overly salty, so I moved it aside and reached for what I really hungered for, "the fortune cookie!"

        I tore the wrapping with my teeth and crushed the pastry shell, unfurling the paper script which read,
        " Markat alway fool fools, go to casino safer"