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  • saltwaternurse Sep 11, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    Ho Hum...lovely weather we're having...

    ...just finished the daily information scouring exercise...nothing new to see here that I can find. I know we're saying no news is good news, but I think this blackout is very wearing on us all. I'm just grateful that this is not my only holding, but like all of us - the emotional roller coaster we've been on has made this one personal somehow. I can only imagine what a collective ROAR it will be IF this thing actually finds its' feet and gets running again! (Well, a Girl can wish, right?)

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    • We remain incommunicado. The only voices are from the legal jackals that gather in a circle, ready to pounce on the dying victim. I called "ECTY North America, " and was told that they are doing business as usual and remain in constant contact with HQ, but have no idea concerning HQ's present position .I also called "Media Contact," and was greeted with voice mail, but no return "contact.'"

      Being foolishly determined, I called HQ and left a different phone number and name on the VM with no call back response. I even went so far as to dial their FAX number, which of course remains disconnected.How tempted I am to salvage the few hundred by selling, but the unlikely chance of a turnaround will push me over the edge if I did so, losing several thousand ( In the background is Sinatra singing, "All Or Nothing At All)".

      The stillness on this board adds to the desolation, even the pumpers and bashers are relatively silent. There is only the sound of day traders jingling their coins as they amass their pennies!

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      • saltwaternurse Sep 12, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

        Thank you for your ongoing DD on this AJ. And you're not being foolish. We all worked hard for the money we invested into this project and none of us would willingly see it evaporate I'm sure. I'm with you even still on not wanting to give up and though I could salvage a couple of thousand, I'd never forgive myself if it started breathing on it's own again after I threw the last fistful of dirt on it's coffin. Talk about a woman scorned in that case! lol As you can probably tell though, last week was a turning point for me and though I still do my daily rounds on the web for tweets, headlines and filings, I have accepted that I was beginning to bang my head against a wall in pursuit of information just a little too forcefully and for no benefit, so I managed to simmer down a bit. Let the vultures and jackals continue their assault, they're only doing what they do. We can continue to wait for what we hope will be a bigger reward, or we can end it and grab a few pennies on the way out...SOS, DifferentDay! :)

    • This wait is boring....stock doesn't move except slowly down every day. If they are in negociations for a possible merger or buyout, I can understand that these deals don't get done in a day but it would be nice if someone could say something.....anything....sooner than later. BK is obviously a last resort and put fear into everyone as a result but I don't see this company just dying on the operating table....they are too far ahead and have some major issues with their products that can be fixed with the right investment and company leading the way.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy