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  • ajcee ajcee Sep 13, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    The Game Continues...

    The Yahoo Quarterly Earnings Calendar shows that ECTY is scheduled to report Monday, 9/16. This is the fourth Monday in a row which most probably will not materialize ( at this point does it really matter?) ...Evidently this is a weak ploy to have the investors thinking the company is still alive. Aside from their blatant deception to their investors, their behavior is not only unprofessional, but macabre and sadistic.

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    • The only thing I'm hopping is that the results are much better than expected and this company has been able to finally has been able to make some profits. I heard a rumor on the net that Ecotality is also working on a different project that would extend the already working grid for tesla motors. If that would be the case it's natural that this company is setting it's self and getting ready for a huge rally. But again one can only kep it's fingers crossed

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    • Wow, the stock is actually down today! I'm shocked! Given all the momentum it has had recently and the positive news we are hearing out of HQ because we, the shareholders of this company, are so important to them. I'm at a loss for can this possibly be in the red today I ask?!

      If anyone wants to bet that earnings will actually be reported on Monday, the 16th AND that the stock will be....what's that word they use in for other stocks.....oh ya, UP.....I am willing to take on those bets. Might make some of my money back....

    • aj its the old fool me once shame on u .fool me twice ,shame on me.Last weekend you thought that what u saw on yahoo was the gospel but now you realize ,why would they even bother?They have weeks before they would have to ,to keep is thinking like the majority here the longer without a bk announcement , the better.Grle my az bud, The resuming of activities with the doe would be a blessing but a real longshot.But then again no more of a longshot then the 8k on black monday

    • saltwaternurse Sep 13, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

      Ok AJ. My dear Dad, bless his soul, though not one for fables, had a story that I was reminded of when I read your post.

      There was a lovely old tree in a garden that had provided many years enjoyment for the family that owned the house. Their kids had climbed it, they'd hung a swing from it, it's foliage heralded the change of the seasons and it represented some great memories for the family. One day, after the kids had all flown the nest, the now silver haired wife stood at the kitchen window, staring out at the tree and remembering her little ones running around the base of the tree just like it was yesterday, she noticed a squirrel disappearing into a hole in the massive trunk. When she mentioned this to her husband, he took the ladder out there, climbed up and took a look. After some time, he came back in and with a heavy heart, told his wife that their lovely tree had died, the entire trunk was bored out, having rotted away from the inside. It would be a matter of time before they had to have it taken down. The wife had tears in her eyes and as she cast a look back out at the tree, her husband put his arm around her and said "I know Love, I'm going to miss it too - I just wish you hadn't seen that damn squirrel."

      Anyway - the moral of the story, of course, is that each time *they* set an expectation and break it, it refreshes all the negative feelings. It would be better if no dates were posted for reports, the outcome would remain static for another day, we'd be none the wiser but neither would we feel like such impotent Chumps. Try to pretend you didn't see the squirrel and maybe you'll feel better. :)

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      • Hi, cap'n! Your Dad's fable is appropriate as it speaks of "squirrelly behavior". Perhap's the "squirrel" keeps appearing to penetrate our thick headed resistance that the "tree" is indeed dead, and to accept this fact with the sorrowful grace that this elderly couple exhibited.

        I tried contacting Yahoo for some explanation for allowing the continual scheduling of ECTY without
        their reporting. but like our "cherished " company they have an impenetrable curtain that gives no answers.