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  • grleroy grleroy Sep 16, 2013 10:31 PM Flag

    From what I heard on the radio Sunday and I have read in the business section of the AZ Republic..

    Let me say first that the DOE could rescue ECTY, but it seems less likely as each day goes by ..
    Sunday on a radio news channel in Phx. AZ . they announced that Ecotality based in SanFran. could soon file for BK and abandon the E-Car charging network ...
    How does the government allow the E-Car charging network to be abandoned ... I liked my lifeline where I was always connected to the Blink garage charger network and they would come out and fix my charger when ever there was a problem, now I feel abandoned by the government if it does happen ..
    I would hope that the government does something fast, but it is the government ..
    My guess is that the DOE is either waiting on Ecotality to abandon the network so they can reassign it to another company to manage it or the DOE is still negotiating with Ecotality who has their BK cards on the poker table..

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