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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Sep 17, 2013 10:58 AM Flag


    ALWAYS expect the unexpected.LETS REVIEW. Turn on computer. 9thirty .no bids. hmmn I guess bad news. go to our semitrusted mb. bk postings filings . hmm makes trading. I guess its halted.hmm. .lookie lookie lookie. trading is resumed. I see bids and asks but no trades. wow 15c 18c bids . okay we do file the dreaded chap 11 BUT SOMEONE WANTS TO PAY 18C OR BETTER FOR A STOCK THAT WAS 23C RIGHT BEFORE THE FILING OF THE DREADED BUT HIGHLY EXPECTED BK. HMM you gotta love the market. So cpa thinks his remaining shares are worthless(boo hoo)is wrong once again. Are there any bk lawyers here. oh tim soup and the other poster GOOD CALL. NOT NOT NOT.... READ MY POSTS to READ THE JULY 25 AUDIT REPORT ARE MUTE NOW. CPA GOT LUCKY .KIND OF. I WANTED TO DUMP ON FRIDAY.did not want to hold over one more weekend. but my fat fingers were 2seconds late on Friday at 359-4oclock...Read the 8k filed today..Like I said early this morning. how much are the assets worth at a fire sale. ?well a few hours later my question was answered kind of. NOW WE WILL FIND OUT.