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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Sep 26, 2013 7:33 PM Flag


    you are a trooper.A cheerleading one but never the less a trooper.You and others may get rewarded who knows.The always expect the unexpected yours truly was hoping for was not to go bk. But there, bad for us they did what was expected.the fact that they even needed DIP financing blew my mind. What the f happened to the 8mil.?Bell told us but it still blew my mind.I gather you did not care what Bell had to say when bell got born onto the mb.Definitely had cpa thinking over that weekend.imo Bell has to be real wrong on what he would pay for the assets if the shareholders are going to reap more then a few pennies .Legal fees,fees to pay the advisors who said go bk young man go bk.The costs in arranging the 1 mil plus DIP ;loan. etc etc. Have you ever been involved in a chap 11? I have .You imo have to hope that a couple of bidders get into a bidding war and/or ,to somebody, the assets are worth a lot more then Bell said.I do not think the govt being one of the creditors bodes well either.Markie mark you can pump away saying it held 12 pennies a few times.But the facts do not change. ECTY filed chap 11 apparently with little cash of their own and THEY ARE AS OF TOMM MORNING DELISTED.And as a sidebar this is not your normal sale of assets.ITS A BANKRUPTCY SALE