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  • Next time you see someone with a AWE phone, ask them to open up the back. You will find a small chip about the size of a figernail. Take that chip out and you will find that it fits nicely into a corresponding spot in either a CINGULAR or TMOBILE GSM phone. When you turn on the phone that you just put that chip in, you will find that you know are on an AWE network and can activate service. Of course this works vice versa.

    The point, AWE, CINGULAR, TMobile all working on similar interchangeable networks.

    Get ready for CONSOLIDATION.

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    • Now, would you like us to do that while we're down at the local mall confirming our due dilligence with the local awe & cingular assistant store per your earlier suggestions? Regardless, I've got a couple of ideas for you focus in on:

      1. OK, firstly, take that little thumbnail sized chip-thing and jam in up your nose as far as it can go. Then a little farther.
      2. Now, insert the entire handset up your as*
      3. This is the important step....go down to the local mall & ask the 19 year old pimple-faced awe sales manager to advise you on your portfolio. You can get back to us then.

      Good luck & regards

    • Is that how the quack uses his interchangable ID's?

    • Are you out of your mind?

      The SIM Card is the core of the GSM standard.

      The Subscriber Identity Module is what contains the user's subscription info along with their memory locations.

      It has ZERO to with consolidation.

      Cramer, you're reaching again.