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  • c4n_2000 c4n_2000 Jan 8, 2004 7:02 PM Flag


    You are obviously short AWE...if you aren't then you have no position in AWE and are just a complete fucking lunatic for posting here...therefore I'll assume you are short...

    AWE is going with Cingular.

    The stock will be $12.

    See ya.

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    • No, I'm not short AWE. In fact, for the sake of the longs here, I hope AWE goes to $12 soon. They have waited long enough. Doctor Nextel has really got these kids hooked with his pump/dump con job.

      Unfortunately, the prospects of AWE reaching $12 in the next couple of years seems highly remote to me.

      I would like to buy 100K shares at $5.75 and dump them at $7.00 for a 21.7% gain. I'm waiting, but in the meantime my other stocks are advancing nicely. I'm very patient and willing to wait. If it never reaches $5.75 it won't bother me a bit. You see, it costs nothing to set an entry target for a stock and simply wait. I'm confident it will return to $7 after a few months if and when it retreats to $5.75. It could well be at $5.75 following the Qtrly results. Stay tuned.

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      • I agree with Heinrich(not the pump/dump part) in that there is way too much euphoria on this board re awe. However, I don't think it's going to $5 (hope not anyway), maybe below $7 if numbers come in way worse than expected. I like what Dr Nextel has to say about consolidation. It may or may not happen, but in the mean while I am taking SOME of my quick (very quick) 15% gain in the last two weeks. Long-awe

    • the stock will be going to 12. AWE will do a deal, if no other reason that Zeglis has already had a long enough time to increase shareholder value based on the company's own merits and Zeglis leadership. This company has not done squat for shareholders other than give the IPO investors the big high hard beef injection. NTT and the AWE board are probably having a "come to daddy" talk with Zeglitch.