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AT&T Wireless Group (AWE) Message Board

  • nokfaceplatesrule nokfaceplatesrule Jan 12, 2004 12:17 PM Flag

    Just one person here

    Please explain to me why you are long this stock. It has been a horrible investment since it's inception. What are you waiting for? do any of you really believe that there is some major market correction awaiting AWE? face it, the market has had a huge rally and yet AWE is still stuck in the shitter.

    It must be one of two things.... Either you're all hoping for a buy-out, in which case I fail to understand how shareholders will be rewarded. I hope none of you believ that AWE will get anything much above levels at the time of the transaction. Or you just think the market is wrong and has been since AWE's IPO. To that I say the market IS NEVER WRONG! The price is what the price is.

    Lots of bagholders here, but no money makers.

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