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  • stevejg52 stevejg52 Jan 23, 2004 7:05 PM Flag

    I feel sorry for the shorts

    i have feb 12.5 calls im worried about when and at what price it goes

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    • I also have calls April and July 10's...To be honest I don't know if Feb. is enough time to get in the money....We'll know soon enough

      Feb. 12.5's are risky in terms of both time and price...I'd think about selling the calls on a spike and on small pullback buying the July 10's.

      I hope I'm not steering you wrong...Calls, IMO should be purchased with reasonable time and close, or in-the-money...It's too easy to be "close" with options, but with options close isn't good enough...I would always pay for time and money (in or close to) if I'm going to buy options.

      On the other hand, there is still enough time for a deal that's better than $12 to come to the table/newspress for it all to work, but watch out if AWE diddles around with the "time" factor especially....You could end up being right on price, but out of time.

      Exchange them for the July 10's is my recco.