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    Mentges and Brilliant are both wrong !! The
    article in Business Week shows using fingerprinting for
    check id only and check is then cashed by a person.
    Nothing new here, many banks have required fingerprints
    on checks for non-bank customers. Key to Mr. Payroll
    machine is elimination of high cost labor and need for a
    person. No other machine now does this !!!!! Mr. Payroll
    can use any id process it feels is the best. Retina
    scanning is very expensive and no commercial use yet.
    Customers for Mr. Payroll in many cases do not have bank
    accounts(estimated that 25 % or more of population). Government
    recently gave up on forcing electronic payments for
    government transfers, too many people did not have bank
    accounts. The tech people are not Mr. Payroll customers and
    that customer base is growing 2X as fast as the so
    called tech group. Machine will prove its worth next
    year !!! Brillian is wrong, machine has not been
    around 2 years, first tested in June of last year !!!
    All new things have the skeptics and take longer to
    evolve than most people think !!
    No one will buy pawn
    merchandise on Internet !!! figure it out, can't judge its
    value !!!! The one company claiming to do it is not, a
    big promote job !!!!!
    Stay tuned , Mr. Payroll
    machine is alive and well!!! Value is cutting cost of
    cashing checks by banks and others !!!

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    • No need to even respond after that most
      summary, NOWHINERSORBABIES !!!!

      This may be a bad
      market, but PWN is a great company
      whose value will be
      realized with patience. Easy 3 bagger
      over 1-2 years,
      in my very humble opinion!!!!!

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      • Show me an ROI projection for a machine that
        costs $30,000+ and gets you 1% to 3% return with an
        average check value of < 200$ and an average volume of
        100 checks a day over a five year plan! And don't
        spout any growth rhetoric, because until there is an
        established growth pattern [and even then] it's all just hot
        By all means though, don't take my word as
        gospel, buy as many shares of PWN as you can! Maybe you
        can single-handedly take it out of the
        cellar(seller). :)

    • Agree that that check cashing machines can save
      labor costs, but the camera based software is too
      costly and time consuming - a fingerprint scanner (see
      Business Week) can be attached to ATM's, Checkcashing
      Machines, etc. What I am saying is that the software out
      there now, and in the pipeline will leapfrog the Mr.
      Payroll machine technology. The machine may not be dead,
      but a drastic rework will be needed. Living in the
      Silicon Valley, I have seen this happen often - great
      product, but short life-span.

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