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  • Agree that that check cashing machines can save
    labor costs, but the camera based software is too
    costly and time consuming - a fingerprint scanner (see
    Business Week) can be attached to ATM's, Checkcashing
    Machines, etc. What I am saying is that the software out
    there now, and in the pipeline will leapfrog the Mr.
    Payroll machine technology. The machine may not be dead,
    but a drastic rework will be needed. Living in the
    Silicon Valley, I have seen this happen often - great
    product, but short life-span.

    • What happens if the fingerprint can't be read or
      the software makes a mistake? Can a person analyze
      the fingerprint like they can the picture? Also, the
      value of the machine is not the biometric used but
      rather the back-end solution and assumption of risk.

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