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  • Having barely digested the first release, then
    seeing the second one on Dow/Jones, I am trying to piece
    this together. The Payroll release about "pledging
    intellectual assets, etc" seems to be saying that they are
    moving the checkcashing machine out of Mr. Payroll into
    the Join Agreement with Wells Fargo - am I reading
    this correct?

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    • In effect they are selling half or a little over
      half (depending on what the minority interest in the
      JV is) for some amount of cash. I believe the Wells
      Fargo investment will be much more than anyone on this
      board believes. This is very significant but the market
      may not act until the details are out. I would assume
      that Wells Fargo wouldn't make a capital investment
      unless they planned to use the technology in their own
      banks/atms. The quarter earnings appear to be in line with
      what was expected. I need to do a little more
      calculations to determine how the quarter compares to prior
      year without Mr Payroll losses.

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      • They do it for you.

        "Cash America
        International, Inc. (NYSE:PWN - news) announced today that
        consolidated net earnings for the third quarter ended
        September 30, 1998, were $2,097,000 (8 cents per share)
        compared to $3,442,000 (14 cents per share) in the same
        quarter last year. Results of the Company's wholly owned
        subsidiary, Mr. Payroll Corporation, decreased consolidated
        net income by $1.8 million, approximately 7 cents per
        diluted share, in the third quarter. "

        Ok, so 8
        cents, plus 7 cents from Mr. Payroll is 15 cents for the
        quarter. 15 v 14. Look at net income from the lending
        operations. 298,000 increase over last year to 9.388M vs
        9.090M. There's been 15% unit growth and 3% net income
        growth. Looks to be pretty obvious that same-store sales
        are WAY off this quarter.

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