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  • cashdfw cashdfw Sep 2, 1998 12:02 PM Flag

    Am I missing something?

    I say this is an extraordinary buy. Am I missing something?

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    • PWN/Mr. Payroll has a patent pending on the
      machine. As I understand it, Mr. Payroll has exclusive
      rights with Miros, the facial biometric tech company.
      You are right about the direction for deploying the
      machines. Banks will own them and deploy like ATM's. That
      effort, incidentally, is said to be picking up steam.
      Cardless ATM transaction, why not? Buy PAWN? With as much
      cash as they'll get for Mr. Payroll, it will be

    • I believe PWN's current stock price could well be
      equal to the value of Mr. Payroll itself. What a
      discount. This could be a dream come true for long
      term investors. Patience, patience!!

    • The check cashing fees generated by Mr. Payroll
      operations are from franchises and revenue sharing
      agreements with machine owners. Their expenses related to
      those earnings are far lower than those you cited from
      PAWN. Payroll, losses, rent, amortization.......think
      about it.

    • Mr. Payroll originally seemed to be developing
      the machines to place in their own locations, and
      maybe Circle K's and 7/11's. If you look at all the
      recent announcements, most machines are going to banks,
      because banks are always looking to cut down on employees
      and open hours. I checked the 5 year chart on Diebold
      (large ATM manufacturer) and it went from about 15 to
      53. (before the recent stock crash). Yes PAWN is
      growing fast - but they are SMALL FRY compared to PWN.
      Actually PWN may someday even buy PAWN (like Doc
      Holliday). I think the future is bright for the check
      cashing machine - in the banking sector.

      Question: Does PWN own the technology? Could the ID process
      be transferred to other types of machines? How about
      a cardless ATM? Just show your face and walk away
      with money.

    • With the market recovering, I am perplexed why
      PWN hasn't recovered. I have noticed that over the
      years, PWN just falls for no reason on NO new news, and
      then jumps up on good news. Press releases anyone?

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