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  • orange10_1998 orange10_1998 Aug 12, 1999 1:39 PM Flag

    I hope is the bottom. eom


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    • Does anybody have any info on the deal with
      krogers and circle,
      what is PWN take on cashing a
      check and do they pay for the floor
      space for their
      check/cashing machine or do the retailers get a percentage, how
      will these customers sign up to cash their checks,
      will their faces be scanned then stored or
      Any other retailers coming on board Safeway, Walmart
      etc etc??
      Thanks for any help

    • Volume leads the way. This could be an impulse wave. If it is the lower prices are behind us now. Buy on any pull back stock now at 9 1/2 17sep99

    • PWN, up over 19% today.

      In order for me to
      give future "target" prices I'd
      have to get the
      dice, tarot cards and chicken bones
      out and then
      dress in all my old voodoo gear....thats
      just too
      much work.

      follow your heart, not the

    • I have been recently following the
      stock(technically speaking) see previous posts. I am fairly new to
      this one but chart wise and looking at other
      indicators the stock looks good to me. but I thought it
      would have moved from the 7 area by now. when it was at
      9 the other day I thought it was going to pop to 11
      1/2. instead it came back down. What indicator are you
      looking at that tells you stock may go up? I am looking
      at volume,macd and 5-10-50 day moving avg for
      direction. what target do you have in say the next 30-40
      days. your thoughts apreciated

    • if any of you profitted of my last weeks advice..your welcome.
      but, BUY AGAIN NOW!!!

    • well its 1 P.M. the stock just couldnt go it back filled gap, no go, no run just dont know where the volume is

    • 9:am looks like a gap opening to me......if good volume comes in
      my previous posts will prove correct most of my indicators have moved from extreme oversold to positive territory

    • he is a gay midget fund manager who has dandruff
      and a poor self image(not to mention a sexual
      deviate) he bought compaq at 51, foodlion at 12 1/4, yahoo
      at 212... so he is not the most qualified to give
      advice on stock, especially echo, which he bought at 3
      15/16 and sold at 1. now that echo is rising he is

    • for quite a long time!!!!

      Do not be
      scammed into buying ECHO. You will just be sold shares
      that others have bought for lower prices to dump onto

      The management of ECHO has contained this info. in
      SEC reports for the last year!!!!

      Don't lie
      and don't deceive but ECHO message posters cannot
      stop doing either.

    • Thursday September 9, 8:03 am Eastern

      Company Press Release

      ECHO And InnoVentry Inc.
      Enter Into Five-year Strategic Alliance

      AGOURA HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 9,
      1999--Electronic Clearing House Inc. (Nasdaq:ECHO - news) Thursday
      announced a five-year strategic alliance agreement with
      InnoVentry, a company jointly owned by Wells Fargo and
      Company (NYSE:WFC - news) and Cash America (NYSE:PWN -
      news), to provide the Atreva(TM) Credit machine, credit
      card processing, and 24 x 7 customer service for all
      credit card transactions in InnoVentry's casino

      ECHO, located in Agoura Hills, provides
      credit card processing, check guarantee, inventory
      tracking services and various Internet services to more
      than 19,000 retail merchants across the nation. The
      company also designs, develops and manufactures software
      and point-of-sale hardware that is used as credit
      card processing terminals, automated money order
      dispensers, inventory tracking devices, and casino cash
      advance systems.

      InnoVentry, located in San
      Francisco, is a company that is focused on the development
      and deployment of cash management machines for
      customers in entertainment venues, under the Atreva brand,
      and for customers in retail store environments under
      the RPM(TM) (Rapid Pay Machine) brand.

      Atreva Credit, which features the smallest footprint in
      the Atreva product suite, can be used by casino
      patrons to initiate advances against their credit or
      debit cards. This machine complements InnoVentry's two
      larger machines -- the Atreva Express and the Atreva
      All-in-One. InnoVentry and ECHO jointly developed this
      machine for space-constrained casinos, along with a
      terminal and printer system that can authorize
      transactions to disburse cash at a casino cage.

      provides 24-hour customer service to both the casino
      employees who operate the cage systems and to the casino
      customers who use the kiosk units. To date, approximately
      20 kiosk and cage-based systems have been deployed
      in several casino locations. These sites include The
      Venetian, The Resort at Summerlin and the Hard Rock Casino
      in Las Vegas.

      InnoVentry also announced
      today that ECHO will act as the transaction processing
      for all casino kiosks and cage-initiated credit card
      cash advance transactions handled through Atreva
      machines. For this service, ECHO maintains network
      connections to VISA, USA and MasterCard International, and
      provides authorization of credit card cash advance
      requests on a real-time basis.

      Frank A. Petro Jr.,
      chairman and chief executive officer of InnoVentry, said,
      ``We are pleased to have ECHO as our partner in
      providing an important solution that rounds out our suite
      of Atreva products.''

      Joel M. Barry,
      chairman and chief executive officer of ECHO, said: ``We
      are very excited to enter into this strategic
      partnership with a company and management team that already
      provides superior services to the casino industry -- and
      thus understands the needs of these demanding
      customers. Based on our success to date, it proved that we
      have a partnership that blends our expertise in
      product development with InnoVentry's marketing

      The financial terms of the agreement are
      not being disclosed; however, ECHO is responsible for
      the overall credit card settlement functions daily
      and shares a percent of the net proceeds from these
      transactions with InnoVentry.

      To take advantage of the
      new ``safe harbor'' provisions of the Private
      Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, readers are hereby
      cautioned that this release contains forward-looking
      statements that are based upon current expectations and
      involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual
      operations and results may differ materially from those
      expressed in the forward-looking statements made by the

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