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  • good_money_maker good_money_maker Oct 4, 1999 2:57 PM Flag

    The trend id UP and ...

    The trend is up and institutional buyers are also

    This time we will probably go above 17 3/4 in a few
    days, and stay up. The kind of stock DTLK is, its fair
    valuation should be above $30 which would be around 2x

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    • I cannot believe all of this acquisition bunk
      I've read in previous posts. Do you really think that
      the Board of Directors of a brand new IPO company is
      going to sell everything after two + months on the
      exchange? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!! If this company really contains
      the value I believe it does, wouldn't the Board of
      Directors be more likely to dangle a carrot on the end of a
      big stick and grow the value of this company. An
      acquisition is years away....... Let's think growth! and


    • I am incouraged by the volume increases daily on
      this move up. IBD now has Datalink in bold because of
      the mometum with volume we are seeing. This was after
      our pullback which fell to hardly no volume, which
      showed the sellers dried up. I see this as A technical
      move based on value at 11. We need A good earnings
      report with margins increasing to let us rally on. I
      don't see us losing much ground from here though, based
      on this move accompanied by the volume. With A 2.5
      million float, it doesn't take too many buyers with some
      good holders. Which was proven at 11 when people could
      have bailed and didn't. The price is up to the
      holders, and as of now, we are winning. Bidders definately
      stepped in Friday and sent us up! This allowed some weak
      profit taking! I expect to hold these levels this time.
      We need to see good top AND BOTTOM line growth this
      quarter and we could really pop. DTLKs'industry momentum
      rank is an A. And DTLKs' run has not showed weakness
      for more than A few minutes. With strenth lasting
      hours and days. The force is with us. On level II,
      there has been alot of participation by alot market
      makers while on the ask, just A few. Also shows strenth.
      I give DTLK A strong hold rating. Nibble on

      Good luck DTLK holders and buyers...
      Long since
      Sept.3 at $13

    • Deserves a price better then that NEEDHAM
      upgraded to..
      $17?? And that ruined our momentum
      before..we all gave up.
      At least this time, TJ may get
      dtlk moving. Thats one good thing about him but then
      again, can be bad.

    • as he said last week and then says he called a
      That guy is one fool and should be taken for fun
      I love his delayed and low end price picks..makes
      me laugh!!!


    • They will do anything to create momentum and
      I am quite sick of it. Go invest in your stupid
      BAMM and IMAA.
      I really dont feel like shorting
      DTLK ...but if u must I will make money again..

    • Q/P ends Monday, and coverage will start
      anytime from next Tuesday!

    • The word "sans" is French, meaning

      If you are referring to a stock symbol, it is a
      penny stock called Sanitas, or something like

      If you are referring to the word in Tokyjo Joe's
      current alert for DTLK, "SAN" it is Banco Santiago of
      Brazil, trading on the NYSE.

    • To all longs.I got in this abt mo.ago at
      13.5.Watched the up&downs.Note that recent lows were made on
      really low volume in nervous market times(INTC dropped
      10-still hasn't recovered.

      Whether recent move do
      to rumor or confirmation of company meeting or
      beating earnings estimate,in this industry $20 is an
      automatic this qtr could hit $25 if and when
      sentiment gets bullish again.Hold on at least thru next
      qtr.Good report in Feb guarantees $25


      How I see it

    • DTLK upgrade is not a rumour. I don't spread
      Following is an exact piece of text from Ameritrade Alert
      e-mail, the only thing I removed from it is my name and



      The following stocks in your portfolio, "My
      Ameritrade Portfolio", have experienced changes in analyst

      DATALINK CORP (DTLK): upgraded from 1.83 to 1.67 (Moderate

      EBAY INC (EBAY): upgraded from 1.81 to 1.77 (Moderate

      YAHOO INC (YHOO): upgraded from 1.74 to 1.65 (Moderate

      I truely believe that this stock has a capacity to
      double or triple in a few months. We have seen it all
      with Yahoo, ebay, psix, dclk, cmgi, gnet, brcd, icge
      etc etc. They were unknown stocks when they were
      IPOed. Why it can't happen to this stock whose
      foundations are solid. Those who are selling it today with a
      few points gain will regret it tomorrow.

      you notice DTLK went upto 16 3/4 but still staying
      above 16 mark. That says a lot.

      Datalink will be there
      Nov 2-4

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