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  • ticker56 ticker56 Oct 15, 1999 9:47 PM Flag

    This company is possibly setting up for

    a 50-100% return in the next month IMO. The #'s will have to speak louder than the lack of pr's. DTLK may be a case study in substance not style. Once people learn this secret, watch out!!

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    • after close due to Y2K earnings loss this quarter and next. IBM says next year will be great. DTLK may be dead money for now.

    • Their sequential revenue growth was probably near
      zero which is terrible for a company in this business
      look at Crossroads which went public today UP 80. Look
      at BRCD. Whats wrong with this picture??? DTLK is in
      the turd side of the business with MTIC and ANCR and
      the rest of the losers.

    • Big Donkey's Balls.

      It's fun!

    • Congratulations on the great earnings!!!!

      Too bad people don't give a crap about the stock. LOL!!

      Too bad I didn't reshort this,

      in time... in time.

    • in the D.C. area. I'm sure that wasn't cheap.


    • Gross Margins for the quarter were 26.3% vs. 25.5% a year ago in the third quarter.

      SG&A expenses rose somewhere around 50% accouting for the net profits to be up only slightly.

    • Today I think all the big boys are playing the
      blue chips and so there is practically no volume for
      this stock, only 50+K traded so far, and most of those
      are probably people who jumped in a few days ago to
      ride the pre-earnings run-up.

      Earnings were in
      line with their growth prospects and since DTLK is
      heavily involved in implementing SAN systems you can be
      sure that their growth will imitate their suppliers:
      I.E. Brocade, Zoox...etc.

      IMHO, they will
      either get upgraded or is a potential buyout target
      since they are so cheap. So longs just hang tight and
      this stock should be back up to the mid-teens in the
      near future on its own merits.

    • Revenue going up means there are more sales. Profit going down means there may have been new sales reps and greater cost in implementing new sales.

      The question is how is Gross profit?

    • I think what we're seeing is general market
      player skittishness
      given the big drop last Friday.
      The volume on many smaller issues have dropped 50% or
      greater as investors, at the moment if they stay in the
      market, go to issues more liquid than something like
      DTLK. You give none of us any fundamental reason for
      your negative view so like many other bashers on other
      smaller stock boards that push the same brand of BS you
      do; you're ignored.

    • Compare this stock with any of these high flying
      stocks. BRCD, ICGE or any one of those stocks. Compare
      the "yearly revenue" and the "market cap", and you
      will see the difference. DTLK's market cap is 20 to 30
      million dollors less than its annual revenue, compared to
      many multiple for the other stocks. This is also a
      growing sector. So Gatorized that will give you the

      Pretty soon some of these people who we call "analyst"
      will notice it, they will recommend and upgrade it,
      and then a whole lot of people will jump on it and it
      will sky rocket. I don't know when that will happen,
      but one of the things that I believe is that we
      cannot time the market. So the best thing we can do is
      to buy the best value stock and wait for it to
      Then my friend it will be our time to enjoy the

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