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  • pwe1946 pwe1946 Nov 3, 1999 4:57 PM Flag

    After Hours

    Price is still holding up. Last quote I saw was 22 1/2.

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    • gives away its products is the day I start comparing it to RHAT. What a lame comparison.


      After only one week of
      trading, JNIC shares have vaulted as much as 500%. This
      type of price action is quickly picked up by the
      momentum crowd, leading them to beat the bushes for stocks
      which could potentially run in sympathy. Over the past
      two days, they've unearthed names like Datalink Corp
      (DTLK +7) and Interphase Corp (INPH +8 1/2). A smaller
      player in this group is Dot Hill Systems (HIL 6 15/16
      +1/8). Unfortunately, stock trades on the Big Board,
      making it less likely that momentum players will come
      after it. This crowd likes volatility and continuous
      action. For that, one most go to the Nasdaq... Should
      also note that (CIRC +5), which was
      highlighted in today's Trader's Edge (available to subscribers only), has risen as much as 49%
      intraday, on extremely heavy volume of more than 3.5
      million shares. The stock is a play on the hot Internet
      Professional Services sector. - DS

      Don't get bit by
      this stock. Play it smart and make some money. Just
      like the RHAT craze (most sympathies have retro'd to
      previous levels) this will die down too. Those who are
      calling for 50 by year end I hope your right for your
      sake but I don't see it in the numbers.

    • Your mother is calling....Its time to finish your homework and get off to bed..hehehehehehe

      can you say 5 bagger




      hope you boys brought the K-Y for the bendover your going to get in the morning.

    • the party is not over til you gig these
      idiot shorts. Please, make my day and short at the open.

    • when the news came out we were in October with
      uncertainty around the market, the news is still
      news, but the smart money was holding out for clear
      skys. We now know there is no inflation and Greenspan
      has even said we are in a new economy. Stock dont
      always break out fast, sometimes they brew a little. I
      have nothing against shorting, it will not affect the
      stock I am long at 19 as off today. And when the time
      is right I will go short also.
      You see its all
      about being on the "right" side of the market,not the
      long or the short side. I would wait till volume slows
      and indictors tell you to short. This would not be
      the right time IMO.
      good luck to you. Just play
      the market smart.

    • Up to 23 13/16 on vol of over 42,000 shares, second most active ..this according to tsc....enjoy

    • On NAZ the volume is double counted, look at the
      following scenario:

      I sell 500 shares of ABCD to the
      MM, on that the vol is upped to 500.

      Then the
      MM sells the same 500 to the buyer for
      a spread
      and that is posted as another trade with vol. as

      In total it is double counted to 1000

      The MM may short inorder to bring balance to the bid
      and offer match, in any case I dont think it has
      arised here...

      good luck all


    • ya ya ya

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