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  • moteague moteague Nov 4, 1999 3:47 PM Flag

    what a fool

    I thought this was going to take off. I lost a fortune in this junk

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    • Been an interesting month with DTLK. Took two
      very profitable pokes but I still can't figure out why
      it went up like a rocket the other day.

      you notice this when they announced their latest

      "SAN implementations could be limited by
      customer reluctance to change their information system
      infrastructure in the fourth quarter of 1999 due to the `Y2K
      threat.' While the impact of this factor cannot yet be
      determined, the overall data storage opportunity remains
      significant. As we implement our growth strategy, we expect to
      continue to rapidly expand our sales and technical staff
      to meet the needs of the marketplace. ''

      your holding long I can see no problem, BUT this stock
      is acting just like a yo-yo and I love stocks like

    • Move due to interest in SAN players. Note article "Story Stocks" after the close yesterday.
      Mentioned "some of the air" being let out this stock due to
      runup, but the interest is still out there. Believe we
      have found new support level & should go higher given
      interest in this area. Also expect some good news out of
      conference, or at least should garner more interest out of
      institutions. JMHO

    • What made this company jump is effectly external
      influence (big rally in all companies in the SAN business,
      especially the rocketing of JNIC). DTLK is just entering
      this market now. Before it was just selling storage.
      The SAN market is exploding.

      There's no
      shortage of forecasts predicting growth. Research firm
      International Data Corp. expects the market for products based
      on fibre channel technology will hit $15 billion by
      2002, up from $2 billion in 1998.

      infrastructure companies struggle just like services companies
      when the products they make turn into commodities,
      become obsolete, or the market becomes saturated.
      Investors considering this industry should be genuinely
      interested in fibre channel, storage area networks, etc.,

      If Datalink is able to capture a part of the SAN
      market and if the management is sharp enough, then they
      should do fine.

    • Did buy in at 11. A friend called me and told me
      to get on board. We have been commiserating ever
      since. I put a sell in at 27 last night and it ticked
      off. I'm not a guru by any stretch of the imagination.
      I am way to suspicious by nature. I've had my fair
      share of getting nailed. I always use limits. I trade
      online but for the most part I go the old fashioned way.
      I have a broker I have used for years and he takes
      care of me well. If you bought at 18 you should be in
      good shape. Keep an ear for the report tomorrow. Bad
      news could send everything tumbling. For the record I
      have nothing bad to say about this company. Sorry for
      the tone of my last post to you. Like an animal, when
      cornered.... Trade Good

    • first off i'm not attacking you, , but i think
      you're the one who needs to grow up, i'm not the one
      telling these stories of buying in at 11 and selling at
      26, you must be a guru if you knew the run was over
      near 26 to sell. The reason for the big run up, we all
      know is due to the fact the "sans" industry is getting
      some positive news, look at all the others in the SANS
      group, all up! Anyways for your comment that i must be a
      trader, who got burnt in this recent run up, not true, i
      am in at 18, not to bad yet? Also, i wish i had a
      dollar for everytime i heard someone say "how they
      bought at the low, and sold at the high" and they are
      going to rebuy at the low again as your story goes,
      Good luck to you!

    • To each their own(way of trading that is).You say
      you were in at 11 out at 26.Sounds like you had a
      great day.Way to go!I'm out of here, my wife's calling
      me to bed.See you crazy SON OF GUNS sometime

    • 13,000 shares at 7.5. You mean you gave up the
      opportunity to make 100 grand because of a dedication to a
      stock. You could have sold in the morning and bought
      back in the afternoon. 100 grand. Bravo I salute your
      constitution. I know that if I had the chance to make 100,000
      dollars legally in one day, I would do it. And if I lost
      the chance I would be real upset. You and I are
      definately in a different income bracket. I wish you well
      and good luck.

    • I tend to agree with you. If it even hints under
      17 I think 13 or 14 is where it will rest. I don't
      see it going under that. I was always amazed at it
      hanging where it has in the past. I think 17-20 is fair
      range for this company. I also think growth is
      Once again thanks.

    • OK then. Explain to me why you think this stock
      shot up 9 points in one day without any solid
      foundation for it. Prove me wrong. Stop with the attacks.
      Does anybody on this board know how to keep emotions
      out of this? If you can't conceed that MM's play with
      stocks and do minipulate prices your naive. I'm sure
      your not so, prove me wrong. Believe me, if you give
      me solid info I will tell you your right. I would
      like to believe that DTLK isn't a tool for other
      people to use. I'll wait for your reply....thanks

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