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  • this company is a VAR and cannot be compared to BRCD,ANCR and the other companies

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    • DTLK is a Value Added Retailer (or Reseller,
      which means the same exact thing).

      Here are
      four quotes from DTLK's home page:

      applies the best mix of hardware, software, and services
      to meet your unique Open System information
      management requirements."

      "Datalink is a leading
      independent solutions provider that applies technologies,
      services, and expertise to meet the networked storage needs
      of IT organizations."

      "Specializing in
      solutions for the Open System computing environment,
      Datalink provides the highest level of technical expertise
      to our customers. Our advanced engineers play a key
      role in analyzing, delivering, and supporting robust
      information management solutions. Each specializes in one or
      more Open System operating platforms and technologies,
      affording the in-depth knowledge and hands-on expertise
      required for today�s business critical

      Committed to end-to-end service and support, we work with
      you each step of the way:
      � analysis

      � integration or manufacturing

      � training
      � technical support

      Each is delivered by a seasoned team of advanced
      engineers, technical analysts, customer service
      representatives, and integration specialists."

      DTLK is
      actually a consultant to companies looking for new or
      improved Networks Storage solutions (SANS, if you will).
      They do not have huge storage banks for clients in
      DTLK's premise's.

      Now in my book that makes them
      a VAR.

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      • under 18. The SANs industry is at explosive
        growth right now and DTLK with leading egde technology
        is at the forefront of this growth. This gem will
        fly once more people know more about this SANs
        company. The shorts and scared investors only make/lose a
        few bucks. The longs will see the bright future on
        DTLK and make much more than a few bucks. Just do your
        DD carefully and you'll see DTLK is the most
        undervalued stock in the SANs industry right now. Good Luck
        to all longs and see you all up top.

    • Let's see.... a profitable company... well
      managed... positive cash flow....... in an industry that's
      secure....... let things flow naturally...... a strong
      "investment"..... not a day trading parking spot.

    • DTLK is just 30, boy this thing is going to take off.

    • will be telling their pathetic stories to their
      grand children that once upon a time I used to own DTLK
      but I was taking my 2 dollar profits and in a moment
      the train took off and I never got a chance to get in
      it. If I would not have taken that 2 dollar profit
      your grandpa would have been a very rich man.

      The lesson is: HOLD ON TO THIS SAN stock, chances are
      it will make you money.

    • afterhour trades for stocks in the SANS sector
      all up NTAP 93 1/16 up 7 1/16
      BRCD 291 up 2

      ZOOX 72 1/2 up 8 1/2
      INHP 28 3/8 up 1
      source Schwab after hours quote
      last trade on DTLK 18

    • I hope you have the wrong stock or are joking. VAR is in a different sector.

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      • next week. This hidden gem is prime for the next
        run-up. DTLK is in the hottest sector right now (SANs)
        and in the same category as NTAP, JNIC, BRCD, ZOOX,
        INPH,... Fundamentally, DTLK has much better growth rate,
        revenue, and net income than all other companies in the
        same sector. DTLK is the most undervalued stock in the
        sector right now. Just do your DD carefully and you'll
        know what I'm talking about. Get in DTLK before the it
        sky-rockets to triple digit. Don't be shocked if you see it
        opens in the 40s on Monday (it will if the news leak

10.27-0.12(-1.15%)Aug 26 4:00 PMEDT