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  • chanceeast chanceeast Nov 24, 1999 9:53 AM Flag

    Are they gonna smashed this down all

    the way?Let's ecourage them.Those with bad news,keep posting-take this turkey down!down! down! Some of us need cheaper entry points.

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    • Supply and demand. Low float means not very many
      shares available for trading. So when there is a strong
      demand, either due to analysts coverage or upgrade or a
      big contract, there will be a lot of buyers rushing
      in, which wil drive the stock up like crazy. Look at
      those stocks traded in $100 $200 $300 per share. They
      all share one common characteristics: extremeely low

      Goo dluck.

    • i'm new. would you please to explain why low float is good for the stock? Thanks.

    • DTLK will rise to 50s in a matter of weeks.
      Solid business model, extremely low float.

    • Christmas season officially begins today......RTQ 13 7/8......hhhhhmmmmmm!........aaaahhhhh!

    • but most have probably heard of DTNIQ or

      E-Signal. You can also get it in trading platforms by
      Executioner or MBTrading.
      It costs though. E-Signal will
      cost you a couple of hundred a month while the
      platforms will cost you about $300 a month unless you trade
      over 50X a month in which case it the fees will be

    • <EOM>

    • which is the ECN Island. Level 2 screens show all
      the market makers (like MSCO, MASH, GSCO) along with
      ECN's (INCA, ISLD)with all the bids and asks along with
      their prices and sizes which is constantly refreshing
      and you see the prints of the sales. You get
      deterimine the direction of the can't do that
      with just an ECN screen.

    • LAB (now LU) are walking away from the fiber
      channel storage thing because they own most of the
      patents? RAID are RAID, not necessarily Fiber, friend. If
      you want to see any hope in the area. There is a tiny
      company making a 128 MB capacity card working, and it is
      technology is for sell for further development. We are
      talking about storage of many many G or Zs

    • I respectfully disagree. Fibre channel has a lot
      of things that make it important today. That's why
      you see companies switching to fibre channel storage
      all over the place. Where I work, we just got two
      large RAID's installed. They are connected to the
      servers via fibre channel and it's great! We can assign
      disk to any of the machines on the SAN. We can recable
      the system while it's running without having to do a
      reboot. Fibre's 4 pins in the cable mean there is a lot
      less to break. Standard wide scsi has 68 pins! It's a
      nightmare to try and troubleshoot a problem that ultimately
      is caused by just one of those 68 wires being bad.

      The speed and flexibility of fibre channel is
      incredibly important in today's enterprise computing
      environment.Fibre channel is not something that will be real in 5
      years. It was real yesterday.

    • close. A lot of company are doing data backup and storage upgrades. Forget the Fiber Channel thing. It may become real in 5 years. Do not get trapped in those hypes. DTLK is solid as rocks

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