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  • opalockamishabob opalockamishabob Jan 11, 2010 1:11 PM Flag

    "GSI" VS. "RAX"


    "GCOCK10", in his/her last tirade in our ongoing "debate" about the viability of RAX as a good investment prospect, wrote the following:

    "Now, you seem to be on the LOOSING side. [referring to RAX]
    Here is one for you, Buy some GSI if it dips on Monday."

    Let's just take a look at the "performance" of each stock, shall we?

    Here is a link that places one stock chart over another, so that you can compare "apples to apples"; which one is appreciating in value.

    For those who are new to technical analysis, a "chart" is very much like an EKG that you might get when you went in to see your doctor for a physical. The chart shows the relative price appreciation, i.e., it "...translates to adding more $$$$$$$$$$$$ into my portfolio.", to quote from our friend, GCOCK10.

    It tells you just how well one stock performs against another.

    Click on the link below, if you are at all interested in this matter; it just may assist you in learning how to begin choosing one stock over another, making it worthy of further research.

    O.K., what do we see here?

    First, we notice that from November, 2008 through February, 2009, both stocks went sideways, for the most part [although "GSI" did dip 17 1/2% in February] appreciable price increase, right?

    However, look what happened in March, 2009...

    "GSI" hit bottom. To the contrary, it is at this very point, when GSI was at its LOWEST that RAX began its move upward.

    In May, 2009 "GSI" actually spiked up and peaked, didn't it? It flew right past RAX, didn't it? However, look at the decline from its high point! "GSI" crashed again in July, 2009, didn't it? AND, crashed A THIRD TIME in July, 2009.

    If you did not sell "GSI" in May, 2009, you would be DOWN EIGHTY ONE percent!

    In fact, "GSI" has gone sideways, making no money whatsoever for your portfolio whatsoever since August, 2009.

    O.K., what happened to RAX in the same time period?

    If you had BOUGHT RAX, at the same time you SOLD GSI, your portfolio would be UP ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY PERCENT.

    Now, I ask you...which stock would you rather own, GSI or RAX?


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    • Man/woman,
      You are one LOSER!
      You are losing, but still arguing.
      Give it up.
      Neither of you knows where these stocks are going, but at least, Gcock10 makes more sense than you do.
      Too much stockastic BS that never translates into $$$$$$$$$ is not for me.
      Show me the money, you are not, and Mr Gcock10 seems to have command of his Schit so far.
      You too need to quit this BS

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