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  • philippians4and13 philippians4and13 Jan 30, 2002 4:13 AM Flag

    This stock has gone up about 300%

    1. Bulk of insider activity, even in last 4 months, is buying, not selling. The smaller the cap of the stock, the more I tend to weight insider activity.
    2. The significant majority of equity investment counselors seem to favor small caps over large caps for the foreseeable part of 2002. CRAI definitely is small cap.
    3. With Enron high on the radar screen of wealthy investors and also the "common public," chances are high for more litigation, regulation and also business lobbying/internal precaution studies related to same. A decent argument can be made that a more litigious/lobbying environment favors CRAI and other companies that have a strong litigation support practice and lobbyist support practice.
    4. CRAI stock price was down a long time. Why not let it rise a long time?
    5. RSI, a technical indicator, doesn't look great for CRAI now but isn't in my view at the sell point, even for traders. Furthermore, those with a longer-term investment horizon often don't care that much about RSI. Which gets back to point 4.
    6. According to Multex Investor and MarketGuide, CRAI's revenue per employee is more than 50% better than the average for CRAI's industry.
    7. CRAI's share price divided by tangible book value is reported as about 3.87 to 1. This is way less than half the industry average and also noticeably less than the S & P 500. You can check points 6 and 7 by typing in CRAI in Yahoo Finance, going to "Profile," and then clicking on "ratio comparisons" on the left side of the "Profile."
    Best wishes!

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