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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Jul 22, 2014 7:55 PM Flag

    A new 52 week low???

    Congratulations!! A bigger, fresh from the source, stinkin' pile of dog manure never deserved it more!...and don't forget that if it averages less than 89 cents for the twenty days starting August 18, then the company will have to issue yet ANOTHER slew of FREE stock and warrants -- see previous posts or 8-k filings...and just think! could go on FOREVER -- or until the stock hits zero!...ain't the stock market grand!...

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    • Meanwhile earnings report in August is likely to double the stock, as reports of the soft launch in Europe and especially the UK are stellar. The current panic selling is a gift, and every one of these panic sellers is finding a shrewd buyer. I'm familiar with your scare tactics on this message board and Seeking Alpha (under the username "Bearcrusher" and delighted at the bargains your absurd postings may have caused. For more details and exposé, readers are directed to the recent Seeking Alpha article and comments.

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      • ...HAW!!...I love it when someone tries to blame me for their precious stock I'm the one responsible for the steady slide from $3 a share two YEARS ago to the NEW ALL TIME LOW today!...of course, the company GIVING away those 5 MILLION shares and warrants last month couldn't possibly have anything to do with the stock dropping like a rock the past month, could it?...oh, nooooo...of course not!...HAW!!!...

        ...well, guess what!...ANOTHER "adjustment" period begins in August and if the stock averages less than 89 CENTS for twenty days, then the company has to issue yet ANOTHER bundle of FREE stock and warrants!!...ain't Wall Street wunderful?...

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