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  • rick200221 rick200221 Nov 13, 2006 9:57 AM Flag

    What will it take to just deal in facts?

    I'm really disappointed in what I see anymore on this messageboard. I've watched SIGA for a year or so, and used to come here for good investment advice.

    Now, all I see are several self centered, egotistical people who wouldn't know objective advice if it bit them.

    There are a few good people still left, but the majority of the old timers seem to have taken their dignity and left. Can you people just post facts, instead of trying to sway everyone's investments to your own benefit? This isn't a game. Some of us are trying to invest limited amounts as we can afford it out of our paychecks. This predator mentality bullcrap I see doesn't help at all.

    This isn't a ballgame. For me, this small amount of money that I can afford to put into this is money earned and a prayer.

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    • Years ago people took the earth as`being flat; that was replaced by our current belief that the earth is round...but maybe not as round as we once thought .......facts are relative!

    • I believe in Santa; had to dress up as him last years Christmas party. The Rapture like many other beliefs still must be proven for validation. But if it is true and your not a believer holding it you'll be left out of the run; just an analogy about having faith! And I do my DD.

    • but what makes this fact or not is in the belief!

    • Hey dumbshit your post is a perfect example of a waste of space! Do something productive or get lost! Im probably the only one here with enough brains to call the cfo, someone like you shouldnt.

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      • Hey idiot, Everyone here has called SIGA at least once and you get the same old B/S from them every time you get a supposed call to them. Just read back a little and you will see all the same ole same old. You act like and post like no one has done this before. You are really stupid..........quote="only one with brains", More like no brains.

    • Many thanks, everybody. There wasn't a single person who responded to this topic who was rude.

      Even as a really green novice, I can see thru the pumping and "down your throat" junk that others are posting. It amazes me why these people can't see how stupid their statements are. My 13 year old could see thru this - and that is no joke. I guess I don't see why they aren't embarrassed to post this stuff.

      Thanks, all.

    • Read the board after 7:00PM after hours or on weekends for a good exchange of views and opinion

    • Thanks, folks.

      Maybe I'm the only one here who feels this way, but I'm buying this stock because I think it is going somewhere, and I need the money. For me, buying into it is a case of doing without for a while.

      If I have to take a can of ravioli to work instead of stopping to get a burger so be it. Hey, it's an extra $3.

      For the rest of you, if you think you need to pump the stock, you should know that no one here believes you. I'm new to the market, and even I know better than that. This company will make it on it's own merits or it won't. The product is proven and the connections are there.

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      • rick200221 I hear ya, and I agree with you. But you'll to get use to these bashers and pumpers on here and just try and filter through it. SIGA is a good stock to own they have a lot to offer in the drug pipeline and a big order from the govt one day will send this thing up which is what all the longs are waiting for and that would be you to. Just hang in there you own the right stock it will go up and down until we see a merger or a big govt order. I hope that helps. GO SIGA

    • Well said, it would be nice to read some good sound advice about this stock instead of people just throwing their opinion in and bashing not only this stock but you see their names all over the place.

    • I would agree with you. I haven't seen a post from Chasinpennies for a long time. Some of the posts are humorous but most are just drivel, self promotion and speculation.

      I am in the same position you are in at 1.01, 1.35 and 3.35 and I am waiting to see what happens after first sale to US Gov.

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      • Yes, Chasinpennies is my personal "guru of SIGA" - he's had a steady hand, and always has good insights on the processes involved in this roller coaster ride. I've been into SIGA since March 2006 (average price $1.42), and intend to hang on to SIGA until the Big Pop, or the Second Coming of Christ, whichever comes first. I've given up on trying to block all of the people who seem to think that the stock message boards are some kind of chat room for their personal dirty laundry, or mindless bashers and namecallers. These people seem to be on all of the message boards, and they make it very difficult to find the real gold nuggets of information.
        Good luck to all of us longs, and God/god bless Chasinpennies.

      • I agree. The number of posters I've put on ignore (both bashers and pumpers) on this board and on the LMRA board are ridiculous. I got in on this stock at 1.7 and I'm still holding on. Unfortunately most other SIGA message boards are completely dead except for the one on 3stocksonfire.

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