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  • martysays martysays Jan 23, 2007 12:25 PM Flag

    US should open up a can of smallpox on Irans ass>lmao

    Then they be gone and we would be rich

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    • The Saudis have been trying to manipulate world oil pricing down to force Iran to rethink its nuc aspirations. The last thing they want on their doorstep is WW3. Iran however it holding fast to its aspiration of nuclear capability and without being able to check containers from N. Korea to countries like Iran... we are vulnerable to alot!
      I love Josh's idea of sending all the street gangs in LA to fight the insurgents in Bagdad. They have more experience than anyone in the military will ever have......they are all products of our great American system! In God we trust!

    • You got my vote!

    • "We must constantly stand vigile against anyone in power otherwise we fall to the history of others."

      Agreed. So when do we impeach Bush and Cheney?

    • It was under the auspicies of the Clinton admin. that the Alkida and the Taliban flourished. Don't forget all the terorist hits we were taking around the world at that time. It wasn't till 9/11 that America woke up to the external threat. As long as this country and its people think along these bipartisan lines we will all be victimized by our own process. We must constantly stand vigile against anyone in power otherwise we fall to the history of others.

    • Remember Sandy Berger hiding and destroying National Security documents so the truth would not come out that your boy Bill was derelict in his duties as President in regards to killing Bin Laden. Oh, thats right he was to busy getting blow jobs in the Oval Office. Nice image of the dems!

    • Yeah. i remember 9/11. I remember the administration letting the Saudi's fly out of the country before they could be questioned. I nremember that none of the 9/11 terrorists were Iraqis, but 15 of the terrorists were Saudi's .
      I remember that quite clearly. Do you ? Does anyone in the GOP ?

    • There was this little event called 9/11 that changed everything. Do you remember that collector, or was your head so far up your liberal ass that you forgot.

    • "government is their God, right?"

      You must be referring to the republicans. Under the present administration the federal government has gotten larger, not smaller, more intrusive into the rights of the individual citizen, not less. Followers of the present administration are republicans in name only.

      I grew up a republican and stayed in the party for 30 years, though I will admit that I didn't vote for Bush the first. I voted for the budget fixing Perot. It was clear at that time that the GOP were spending more than they were taking in, and that they wanted a New world order that sounded a whole lot like George Orwells 1984 and Big Brother style of government, which would be anything but republican in practice. I then later voted for Cinton, because if it's not broke, don't fix it. The economy was great, the country had a budget surplus, not a deficit, and we weren't squandering our tax dollars on unneccesary wars.

      Now look at the present phoney republicans in the whitehouse today. Big budget, big government, illegally intrusive and spying on private citizens. Federal rights over states rights, or personal rights. Now you tell me... Whose more communist and big brother ? Clinton or Bush ? If you say Clinton your a lying sack of shi'ite, and a perfect example of how far gone the GOP has become.

    • Scary scenario ...(by the way, I am neither republican nor least in matters concerning the US of A)

    • What the hell did i start here.I am againist terrorist,I am strongly in support of our troops wherever they are and Bush did call some things wrong but in 2001 he did say watch out for IRAG,IRAN & NORTH K COMMI BASTARDS.He saw what was coming didnt turn hes back like the democrats do.

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