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  • rivalmoney_usa rivalmoney_usa Aug 4, 2007 7:49 AM Flag

    SIGA , why this run has legs !!!

    Face it the government of the United States asked SIGA to develope a drug to combat smallpox. SIGA then developed a drug & called it ST-246 to do just that. ST-246 works & is the best known anti-smallpox drug today. ST-246 is about to finish the final stages of it Safety trials. Did the government ask for a drug to be developed not to buy it if it worked 100%? No way, they are just being safe, crossing all the (t's) & dotting all the (i's) because they got burned on a 800 million VaxGen contract in the past. SIGA should be seeing that kind of money sooner than most think & when it does the under $6 days will seem like a bargain basement price. $22 is not out of line IMO. Of coarse if SIGA gets bought out 1st it will be for less, but still in the teens IMO. Either way this run will have legs because SIGA is to close to completion & most now understand the potential not just of ST-246 but, of SIGA's entire anti-viral platform.

    Can you afford to miss out? I sure can't. Who will sell this off now as close as contracts are? Go ahead sell those hard fought cheap shares so you miss the boat that will come. I am sure others would like your shares just fine.

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    • Tis guy is Rival

    • Yes, I do agree now, as I do read all my personal e-mails. As they come in heavily, the pertinent information I am gathering and as my DD gets better and better and my research gets more intense I believe we may have at least 2 news releases soon and that of course is to my total surprise. This is why I covered and went long on this stocks.

      By the way all e-mails are appreciated and accepted as a positive. I do read between the lines also.

      • 1 Reply to cindy_jo_edwards
      • Insider info from emails, now that's a first. As much as I agree with Rival and your new found reason I'm appalled by your constant posting, degree of bashing, and now this about face stance to pump this company. This must be your new directive.(improving your's taken you long enough) You have no credibility here and judging by your multiple Cindys talking back to each other I would definately be concerned for your mental health. I say this in a most sincere and supportive way.
        Siga will make the mark without this mindless pumping and bashing. There is a concept missed in this exercise and that is of 'conviction'. You either believe in it or you don't. The rest is unimportant!
        So two news releases Cindy from your emailed inside sources? We'll see how accurate they are! I'm sure the SEC will want follow this one as well. Nothing beats trading off of insider info.

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