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  • jerrybmac jerrybmac Dec 21, 2007 1:05 PM Flag

    Unloved Siga about to be loved and

    shine according to Motley Fool.. We all already knew that. I just wish we would hurry on.

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    • the Motley Fool has been saying that all year, under a few different headlines like 1 star stocks etc.

      The truth is that the company has to complete a phase II clinical study and it's going to be next year sometime when the results are known.

      No one should doubt this, if you do, just email the company yourself.

      There will be no advancements with SIGA until they finish the human trials. And they are no where near doing that.


      Hate to be a Scrooge, but the selling is probably institutional end of year

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      • hey scrooge where do you get this phase 2 sudies from? With effacacy in the testing of smallpox this cannot be administered to human subjects exposed to the virus as is part of any phase 2 testing. Phase one is all that Siga ST-246 will undergo. Your right they still need to finish the wider test group of 21 day trial. The safety and dosing studies have already been successfully completed in smaller groups. But as part of the new June 30, 2002 FDA amendments its regulations to provide for approval of biological warfare defense products is based solely on animal efficacy data. As a result, the timeline from discovery to approval for sale can be as little as two years. ST-246 is` already in year two.

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