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  • mfreebyrd mfreebyrd Aug 17, 2011 8:49 PM Flag

    Your missing the point

    This is all about the law, what is the law, forget what is right and wrong ethically it is all about the law.

    Siga made an agreement, the details were not all worked out, then siga found out that this drug tested incredible, so they no longer wanted to be part of the deal, the problem was they agreed to agree to the deal. They acted in bad faith.

    The only issue is, was this legal to do so. It very well might turn out that it was perfectly legal, but for people to go around and around and deny the facts makes no sense.

    It is like you sell a car, you took a deposit, then someone comes along and offers you more, now is it right to sell the car to someone else? is it ethical? no of course not, but it may or may not be legal, perhaps the dude who lost the deal is only entitled to get his deposit back, or maybe he deserves to be made whole.

    I dont know if siga will win or pip will win due to law, but i do know right from wrong.

    Time will tell if siga will win with the law, just like casey anthony won with the law.

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