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    SIGA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. DELAWARE currently has 1 trademark in Australia associated with it. The filing date for this trademark is 3/01/2013. The specific trademark currently associated with this applicant is:

    Trademark Number Description Type Status Lodgement Date
    1534170 ARESTVYR Word Indexing Approved 2013-01-03

    SIGA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. DELAWARE is one of thousands of trademark owners that we feature on IP in Australia which contains details of the over 1/2 million trademarks registered in Australia. We provide this information to help Australians with their research in the intellectual property space but to also help inventors (first time or experienced) gain knowledge and make informed decisions about registering trademarks. Without data and insights into the industry it’s very difficult making informed decisions on the right trademark attorney to use which is why beyond information we provide a service to assist individuals select the right trademark attorney for them based on in-depth analytics we have compiled not just on firms but specific attorneys as it’s ultimately an individual who is going to be helping you and hence it’s individuals not firms you should be assessing. For more information on our independent third party advice please contact us

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