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  • nicehedges nicehedges Mar 5, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    The FDA approved dosage is 600mg

    There is no concern or question over what the dosage is, anyone telling you otherwise is either uninformed or trying to deliberately misinform you.

    Per the Nov 2012 conference call, Dr. Rose cleared this up, POINT BLANK. At this link:
    click on the seeking alpha link for the "Earnings call Transcript". Once there, go to the second page towards the bottom and you'll see these remarks:

    "Eric Rose:
    Well thank you very much. We have continued our march towards commercialization. Again to reiterate we reached the milestone with regard to our labeling plan that we're very happy with.

    I should mention that the labeling plan does include the dosage which we've disclosed already, it's 600 milligrams once a day for 14-day course. Ad we expect to start delivering ST-246 into the Strategic National Stockpile early in 2013 and to deliver on our $435M contract over the ensuing 2 years or so once that delivery is made."

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    • No menton of children under 2 or pregnant women... I dunno... better sell!

    • Nice... I read your post 3 times and still can't find the part that says the FDA approved the dosage, only that Rose and management are happy with it. Appears that your header is inaccurate. Why would you believe anything that Rose says, considering his self-dealing with this company?

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      • Did you read the transcript from the link I posted? Rose starts the call with this news.

        "Eric Rose
        Thank you, Todd. Good afternoon and thank you all for joining us for our business update call. During the call we’ll provide you with the business update and then we’ll open the call for questions.

        Starting with our business operations, I’m please to tell you that the FDA has concurred with our product labeling strategy for ST-246 courses to be delivered into the Strategic National Stockpile.

        With this FDA concurrence, we have invoiced BARDA for a total of $12.3 million on milestone payment. Achieving this milestone required dedicated effort and successful coordination among different agencies within the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This is yet another sign of tangible progress in our performance of the BARDA contract. We expect to receive payments of the invoice labeling plan milestone by early December."

    • Fair enough. But, if that statement is to be use as definitive, we'd better start shipments within the next 3 months, or the "delivering ST-246 into the Strategic National Stockpile early in 2013" will be belied, and we’ll be cherry-picking our definitiveness! LOL.

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